UASB Digester

UASB Digester

This treatment system is most widely applied for organic wastes / industrial wastes from distillery, starch, paper & pulp, dairy, tannery pharmaceuticals and other food processing industries

The Up-flow Anaerobic Sludge Bio- Digester (UASB) process is in operation for many years and has successfully demonstrated that waste water with high COD & BOD values can be treated with high efficiencies (upto 96%).

‘The waste water enters at the distribution network placed at the bottom of the Bio digester, this ensures the proper intermingling of the effluent with bacteria. The Biogas produced by the bacteria is in the form of small tiny bubbles rises upward through the bacterial bed. Methane rich Biogas is produced due to bio de-gradable property of the effluent which replaces fossil fuels.

UEPL has successfully converted the cost centers into profit centers byinstalling UASB Digesters.

The U- LRD (United Low Retention Digester) process has been developed as an anaerobic treatment system based on immobilization of the biomass in the form of well settling sludge granules and degrades the organic matter without dilution water.

Advantages of the UASB Digester

  1. UASB digester has no moving pars. It requires only one feed pump for supplying the effluent to the bottom distribution network.
  2. The digester requires minimum operating power during treatment
  3. The area required is less as compare to conventional treatment processes.
  4. In case of power failure the Bio mass presentin the system becomes dormant. The process can be restarted quickly once the power supplyis restored.
  5. Maintenance of the UASB Digester is minimum.