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  United Hydro-Thane (India) Pvt. Ltd.
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The company is a Joint Venture between United Envirotech Pvt Ltd (India) & M/s. HydroThane STP from Netherlands. The Company has been established with an aim to provide European Technology in India & Abroad. This will be an added advantage as the European Technology is available at Indian price. The JV company has expertise in High rate anaerobic treatment systems such as ECSB systems for treatment of organic waste.

JV Letter

United HydroThane (India) Pvt. Ltd.

HydroThane forms joint venture in India

HydroThane STP

ECSB (External Circulation Sludge Bed)

This is the most advanced anaerobic treatment process. This will treat the organic effluents with a COD loading rate of 20 – 25 Kg/M3 volume of digester. The retention time is minimum which makes it the most suitable system for paper and pulp industry, Sugar industry, Breweries, Dairies, Petrochemicals and Other food processing industries. The internals of ECSB are made from Polypropylene and it ensures no corrosion on Gas collecting system and no solid deposits on internals, which makes the system's life longer.

With the development of the ultra high rate HydroThane STP® ECSB ("Easy as Be" - External Circulation Sludge Bed) process, 2nd generation EGSB, HydroThane has created the opportunity for customers to treat their effluent within limited available space and close to urban areas.

The HydroThane STP® ECSB design has eliminated noise and odor related issues that were present in other older anaerobic processes.

Characteristics of the HydroThane STP® ECSB are:
- Due to the complete overpressure design of the ECSB process,
   a (bio)gas holder is not required
- No need to install any bio/compost filter or other, because all
   odors or smells are fully integrated into the pressurized and
   closed biogas circuit
- The over- pressurized design prevents air

   oxygen entrance - corrosion is therefore not possible
- No complex internals or rotating equipment inside the reactor
   (no maintenance at all necessary in the reactor)
- Two layers separation design creates maximal process stability
   and capacity
- Fully controlled hydraulic mixing by means of external circulation
- Loading rates of the ECSB reactor are typically in the range of
   15 - 35 kg COD/

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